Riski Lavango

Feel in control of your fate. Reduce risks through playing

The game that raises awareness of the danger of avalanches
and encourages participation in snow activities

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Riski Lavango, a game with proven results in:

Improving interest in gaining knowledge about the dangers of avalanches
Satisfying self-perception of learning
Satisfying the fun and entertainment aspect

Aimed at all ages 9+
From ​45 minutes to ​120 minutes
per game
Encourages participation in snow activities

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Riski Lavango in the media:

Presentation on the 2nd Day of the "Entrepreneurs workshop" of the Andorran Government, INpulsa Company - Inpulsa2, social and technological Entrepreneurship, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, 12th May 2015:

Cinque Terre

Riski Lavango is also in Play Store & App Store!

This application keeps the value of each of the skill cards used in the game hidden. The players therefore do not know the exact quantitative value of the skills that they are selecting in the cards. They will have a pretty good idea of ​​their quality, as to whether they are good practices or bad practices, but the key to the game is to choose wisely in order to keep the best ones. The application safeguards the secret value of each card.

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